Medium is blocked in China.

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In mainland China, Medium is not accessible from 2 or 3 days ago.

It’s obvious that Medium is blocked in mainland China. Due to some well-known reason, I can’t talk about this in public areas. But this did cause me some problem. Because I used to translate articles from Medium, now it’s hard for me to get access to this website. I have to find other way to reconnect to the world.

I tried SS and it worked well for me. I can’t figure why my first account was soon blocked after I buying and using it to visit YouTube. The customer service helped me to resolve it and now I can visit most websites in the world (including that kinds of websites……).

Some days ago, they just blocked Time and The Economist, although I don’t like to read news about Policy or Economy. I’m not surprised because Medium is a blog tool for people to share their own opinions without censorship (maybe).

I hope one day I can live in the place where I can get full access to the Internet.

Have a good sleep.

I am entangled

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After dinner yesterday,as I went to my computer and started to write something, came a special beep tone from my phone. I set up this special tone for most of my best friends.

I knew somebody may send me messages. I opened the app as soon as possible. Showed a message on the screen , “I want to buy a new computer, will you help me to choose one?” The sender is my good friend whose home is not far away from mine. It only takes few minutes to visit her. Now she is on campus in Zhenzhou city, so it obvious she can only contact me by messages or calls.

If you have read most of my postings, you know I’m fan of new smart phones and computers. I’m not allowed to buy the new equipment due to my limited budget. So I learnt to bargain with second-hand sellers. This really helps me save a lot of money.

She’s major is Medicine Science, so she doesn’t know much about computers. All she wants is one that could be thin and cheap with high-performance. oh— my — god. That’s what I want ! And that’s what I call ‘impossible’.

If the computer is compact with the best CPU, GPU and RAM and thin enough to put into your backpack, it can’t be cheap; if it’s cheap but has powerful performance, it won’t easy to carry; if it’s cheap and thin, you should never depend it to do anything complex.

So it’s really embarrassing when she said like that. Then I decided to recommend her to give up buying the new one. She can choose a send-hand computer that still works well to save money. But I still be too young — She is busy, she can’t pay more time to deal with it.

Yes, dealing with second-hand seller is time-consuming. Because you will have to check the equipment’s status. If you are not familiar with that area, you may spend more time to learn and search on Internet. But it do save your money. I’m home-schooled, so I get bounds of time. She isn’t. But I didn’t realize this that time.

I introduced a merchant I always visited who was selling second-hand computer. I thought she would be happy but unfortunately, she reacted wired. I still sometimes be naive — No guarantee for used product quality. Yes, buying used things takes risks. If you made a mistake and bought a bad one, you throw it away or fix it. I’m not employed, so I have a lot of time to study how to fix things. I do fix my own phones and computers. But I didn’t realize this that time.

You can imagine how embarrassed she was.

It’s hard to enjoy the happiness of using Android in China.

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Google’s most services have been blocked in China since 11, Oct, 2009 due to some well known reasons.

Google is great because they provide so many efficient and useful tools, such as Google Cloud, Youtube, Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs and Android.

Android is part of Google’s services. This tiny operating system has been running in hundreds of millions smart phones in the world. Many smart phone company choose Android as the basic layer and then build their own graphic user interface. That’s to say, Androids in these phones differentiate into many versions.

In China, the most prevailing mobile OS is MIUI. Flyme and Smartisan OS are also widely used. Actually I was a fanatic smart phone user. I couldn’t wait playing the newly listed phones. I tried these OS but none of them are special enough to keep me as patron. So I’m thinking about using the original version supported by Google.

There is another problem — Google only support Nexus products. But I didn’t own any one. It’s also not easy to buy one in China, unless second hand phones. After searing and discussion,   I found Cyanogenmod. It’s an open source Android distribution derives from official firmware. Fortunately, I bought a MI4 a few days ago which is listed in the ‘support devices’ page. So lucky.

I installed CM13 and Google apps such as Youtube in the phone I just bought. Then I had to face another big problem — no connections to Google server. I can’t log into Google Account. I can’t even download any applications form Google Store.

I almost gave up after the frustrating matter. My classmate suggested me to use VPN to get access to Google. Finally, VPN worked well, although I had to pay for it.

My roommate consoled me that these steps might also give you better understanding of Android and smart phone.

Hum, if I just think like that, the ‘block’ actually becomes good, Hum.

The crazy increasing rate of Chinese house prices

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For most Chinese, real estates, like houses and apartments, are the most important part in their assets.

Recently, an recovery about the fanatic customers who made a panic buying in Shanghai’s Real Estate Market attracted my attention. It’s said that these expensive apartments were sold out in a few hours after the new year opening. And most buyers immediately listed these estates for sale at a price which is commonly about 10% to 30% higher than the original one. The similar cases also happened in Beijing, Shenzhen and other metropolis in China.

It’s obvious that these customers didn’t purchase apartments for living but investment. And this is not secret for Chinese that investing real estate has became a low-risk and high-return investment since the year of 2009.

The superficial reason of the skyrocketed price is the growing population in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. I though the newly formed families’ demands should be the straight incentive of this. But actually most young people can’t afford their first apartment or house if their parents won’t support them with money. In Chinese traditional thinking, the husband or husband’s family of the married couples should pay for their home property. I’ve heard many stories telling about dispute over home property ownership and some other troubles like this. That’s to say, the conduct of investment indeed caused a lot of problem to young men.

Candidly speaking, I’m really envious of these people who own their apartments and these who have enough money putting into the real estate market. I’m learning the Subprime Mortgage Crisis of America. Will this be another housing bubble?

Hi, Long Time No See!

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Hi, there!

It has been 37 days since my last posting. I’m so sorry for your patient waiting.

To be honest, in the past 37 days, I spent most time to relax or just hang out with my friends. For the rest, I shared it with my family during the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival. Yes, I forget to practice my English skills these days…..But I COME BACK!

Let’s continue my daily posting.

About Spring Festival.

For most people who have already got a full-time job, they usually have 5~7 days to be on leave. For students or ‘vagrants’ like me( I am unemployed right now), we can celebrate the Spring Festival for more than 15 days. The most interesting and happy part was the hang-out with my best friends. Half of my friends are employees, and others are still in the campus perusing Master or PhD degrees. Some of you audiences may know that hot pot is popular in Sichuan Province. So we did go out to eat hot pot several times. Unfortunately, I got a stomachache yesterday due to the too many chili.

My mother is a singer worked for a wedding company. Abundant couples believe that the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the perfect time to hold their wedding. So my mother is so busy these days that we didn’t even have a meal together. I can understand this although I didn’t feel really good.


PS: Some friends in Lang-8 told me that if the essay is too long, there would be a lot of problems when they just want to help me to correct. So I will keep every posting short.

Thanks anyway!