More ways to ‘lock’ & ‘unlock’ your android phone.

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MAYBEIWLL introduced a method to use your android phone or iPhone with TouchID to unlock your Mac equipment. And here I find more ways to unlock your android phones!

In fact, these mechanisms are provided by default if you are using Cyanogenmod or original factory version of Android. The Smart Lock!

Here is Smart Lock in Cyanogenmod 13 of MI4
Here is Smart Lock in Cyanogenmod 13 of MI4

There are 5 means to get access to your Android:

  1. Using trusted devices. This function requires Bluetooth or NFC. Although NFC is not found very often, I believe Bluetooth is a basic configuration. Other smart devices, such as smart watch, NFC label,Bluetooth in Car and smart wristband, can be used to unlock your phone. ( MAYBEIWILL also talked about his interesting utility of NFC label)
  2. Using trusted location. Most phones can get your current location through GPS or A-GPS. If have set your home is in the list of trusted locations, you won’t need to input your password or gesture and you just get in your phone directly.
  3. Using trusted face. With the development of facial recognition technology, it’s much easier to identify your face using the front camera. But it doesn’t work well under dark circumstance.
  4. Using trusted voice. I’m not really familiar with voice recognition system. Maybe there are some thing special to distinguish each of us.
  5. Body detection. The most interesting part of the Smart Lock must be this one. Google said they can detect whether the phone is with you by getting data from all sensors inside. Phones can understand your status — you are walking or you are in the car or you just put it on the table.

Finally, I start to use the 1st method to unlock my phone. I have a Mi band with Bluetooth 4.0 which doesn’t cost much power. And I also installed Near Lock in iPhone to unlock my Macbook. How convenient they are!

The easiest way to turn on Google Now and Location History in mainland China / 在中国大陆如何打开Google Now 和 Location History

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Finally, I found the most convenient way to get the access to Google Now and Location History on Android in China.

But you need to root your phone first. If you can’t get root authority, you can just close this page.

If you can install xposed framework, just install it. But this is not necessary.

In most cases, you may have to prepare an VPN or some other tools for you to connect to Google services.

  • make sure your phone is rooted. ROOT REQUIRED!
  • visit this link. Download the app.
  • Go to Settings, remove your Google Account.
  • Add your Google Account again.
  • connect to Google and boom!

On my phone, after finishing these process, I can use all apps from Google including Google fit.

Good luck to you.

How to enable Google Now and Location History in China. / 如何打开 Google Now 和 Location History.

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Due to some reasons, Google don’t provide some services in China, Google Now and Location History are included.

To open them, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Developer Mode in your phone. If you have no idea how to do it, you can search it in Google. There are many resolutions already.
  2. Download ‘Fake GPS location’ published by ‘Lexa’.
  3. Go to Developer options, turn ‘Allow mock locations’ button open and choose the application you just installed ( Fake GPS location ).
  4. Log out your Google Account and erase all cache of Google Apps.
  5. Change your system language to English.
  6. Open Fake GPS location and locate yourself in America.
  7. Login Google Account and restart Google Now.

If you can’t solve your problem, please redo the process.