Hi, Long Time No See!

Hi, there!

It has been 37 days since my last posting. I’m so sorry for your patient waiting.

To be honest, in the past 37 days, I spent most time to relax or just hang out with my friends. For the rest, I shared it with my family during the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival. Yes, I forget to practice my English skills these days…..But I COME BACK!

Let’s continue my daily posting.

About Spring Festival.

For most people who have already got a full-time job, they usually have 5~7 days to be on leave. For students or ‘vagrants’ like me( I am unemployed right now), we can celebrate the Spring Festival for more than 15 days. The most interesting and happy part was the hang-out with my best friends. Half of my friends are employees, and others are still in the campus perusing Master or PhD degrees. Some of you audiences may know that hot pot is popular in Sichuan Province. So we did go out to eat hot pot several times. Unfortunately, I got a stomachache yesterday due to the too many chili.

My mother is a singer worked for a wedding company. Abundant couples believe that the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the perfect time to hold their wedding. So my mother is so busy these days that we didn’t even have a meal together. I can understand this although I didn’t feel really good.


PS: Some friends in Lang-8 told me that if the essay is too long, there would be a lot of problems when they just want to help me to correct. So I will keep every posting short.

Thanks anyway!