How to install and use MagicLatern’s feature: Dual ISO in Cannon T3i/600D for Mac user

I’m using Cannon 600D and installed MagicLatern.

MagicLatern is an external software to enhance the functions of Cannon Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. If you want to know more about it, you can move to

Here MagicLatern has a great feature which is aimed to improve the quality of picture in complex environment called Dual ISO. It’s a little similar to HDR (just my opinion).

But you will have to use additional tool call cr2hdr to convert the original format. If you turn this feature on, the output is a little strange. This tool is designed to fix this. It will be easy if you use Windows because the developer has prepared an executive program. Just download and run it.

I’m now a fan of Apple equipments and Macbook pro is now my primary tool. There are not many official supports for Mac Users and this problem happens. Mac users will have to install two other software called dcraw and exiftool on witch  are dependent by cr2hdr. Unfortunately, the official guide misled me to a wrong way and failed. The conversion didn’t success but alert that

sh: exiftool: command not found sh: dcraw: command not found sh: dcraw: command not found Error: dcraw output is not a valid PGM file Logfile

I have installed these two dependences in advance, so this consequence is wired for me.

I spend a lot of time to find any solutions. And here is the valid method:

check bench’s comment in the 23rd posting.

Thanks to “bench”.

Hope you guys could follow his suggestion and make it.

PS: Don’t disable SIP of your Mac computer. This operation will make your computer susceptible to harmful websites and software( virus).