I am entangled

After dinner yesterday,as I went to my computer and started to write something, came a special beep tone from my phone. I set up this special tone for most of my best friends.

I knew somebody may send me messages. I opened the app as soon as possible. Showed a message on the screen , “I want to buy a new computer, will you help me to choose one?” The sender is my good friend whose home is not far away from mine. It only takes few minutes to visit her. Now she is on campus in Zhenzhou city, so it obvious she can only contact me by messages or calls.

If you have read most of my postings, you know I’m fan of new smart phones and computers. I’m not allowed to buy the new equipment due to my limited budget. So I learnt to bargain with second-hand sellers. This really helps me save a lot of money.

She’s major is Medicine Science, so she doesn’t know much about computers. All she wants is one that could be thin and cheap with high-performance. oh— my — god. That’s what I want ! And that’s what I call ‘impossible’.

If the computer is compact with the best CPU, GPU and RAM and thin enough to put into your backpack, it can’t be cheap; if it’s cheap but has powerful performance, it won’t easy to carry; if it’s cheap and thin, you should never depend it to do anything complex.

So it’s really embarrassing when she said like that. Then I decided to recommend her to give up buying the new one. She can choose a send-hand computer that still works well to save money. But I still be too young — She is busy, she can’t pay more time to deal with it.

Yes, dealing with second-hand seller is time-consuming. Because you will have to check the equipment’s status. If you are not familiar with that area, you may spend more time to learn and search on Internet. But it do save your money. I’m home-schooled, so I get bounds of time. She isn’t. But I didn’t realize this that time.

I introduced a merchant I always visited who was selling second-hand computer. I thought she would be happy but unfortunately, she reacted wired. I still sometimes be naive — No guarantee for used product quality. Yes, buying used things takes risks. If you made a mistake and bought a bad one, you throw it away or fix it. I’m not employed, so I have a lot of time to study how to fix things. I do fix my own phones and computers. But I didn’t realize this that time.

You can imagine how embarrassed she was.