It’s hard to enjoy the happiness of using Android in China.

Google’s most services have been blocked in China since 11, Oct, 2009 due to some well known reasons.

Google is great because they provide so many efficient and useful tools, such as Google Cloud, Youtube, Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs and Android.

Android is part of Google’s services. This tiny operating system has been running in hundreds of millions smart phones in the world. Many smart phone company choose Android as the basic layer and then build their own graphic user interface. That’s to say, Androids in these phones differentiate into many versions.

In China, the most prevailing mobile OS is MIUI. Flyme and Smartisan OS are also widely used. Actually I was a fanatic smart phone user. I couldn’t wait playing the newly listed phones. I tried these OS but none of them are special enough to keep me as patron. So I’m thinking about using the original version supported by Google.

There is another problem — Google only support Nexus products. But I didn’t own any one. It’s also not easy to buy one in China, unless second hand phones. After searing and discussion,   I found Cyanogenmod. It’s an open source Android distribution derives from official firmware. Fortunately, I bought a MI4 a few days ago which is listed in the ‘support devices’ page. So lucky.

I installed CM13 and Google apps such as Youtube in the phone I just bought. Then I had to face another big problem — no connections to Google server. I can’t log into Google Account. I can’t even download any applications form Google Store.

I almost gave up after the frustrating matter. My classmate suggested me to use VPN to get access to Google. Finally, VPN worked well, although I had to pay for it.

My roommate consoled me that these steps might also give you better understanding of Android and smart phone.

Hum, if I just think like that, the ‘block’ actually becomes good, Hum.