Make your passwords safe

I am a game player who once was addicted to World of Warcraft (Away From Keyboard already) and now is a fan of League of Legends.

Last Sunday, I logged in my Battle Net account and had a check but found that there existed a lot of new characters which I had never chosen. Immediately the thought that my account was been hacked came to my mind. I was really nervous because this password was the one I also set for other websites or services. In China, general users’ information is leaked unscrupulously through the Internet, which is a common knowledge to most IT workers. But I had never been thinking I could be the next victim.

After knowing this, I did three things to make up(hope so):

  1. Change passwords of every important accounts.
  2.  Make each password different from the other.
  3. Open two-step verification for Google account, Apple account and other account which are related to money and credits.

Changing password is a must. But the second step really cost me some time. For human, memory is always a big challenge. Now, there are many software that could help you to generate and save passwords–you only need to remember the one to unlock the software and others are listed here.

So, if you are reading this post, I suggest you to relook at your method of choosing password. If your passwords are too simple (for example, only numbers or your name and birthday), it’s not safe because hacker have many ways to get your information and crack it by force (with the help of computer of course.)

Thanks for your reading. Have a good day.