Medium is blocked in China.

In mainland China, Medium is not accessible from 2 or 3 days ago.

It’s obvious that Medium is blocked in mainland China. Due to some well-known reason, I can’t talk about this in public areas. But this did cause me some problem. Because I used to translate articles from Medium, now it’s hard for me to get access to this website. I have to find other way to reconnect to the world.

I tried SS and it worked well for me. I can’t figure why my first account was soon blocked after I buying and using it to visit YouTube. The customer service helped me to resolve it and now I can visit most websites in the world (including that kinds of websites……).

Some days ago, they just blocked Time and The Economist, although I don’t like to read news about Policy or Economy. I’m not surprised because Medium is a blog tool for people to share their own opinions without censorship (maybe).

I hope one day I can live in the place where I can get full access to the Internet.

Have a good sleep.