My friend was blackmailed by virus maker( or hacker?).

Everyday I will check the “Moments” in the Wechat App in my phone. It’s an aggregation of the timelines of my friends.

Like usual, most of the Moments are full of happy or interesting hours. Suddenly , a sad face showed in the main page of one friend, which was not common at all. I sent a simple message to ask if there was any problem. Another sad face was returned. I knew he must be really heartbroken because this emoji should be something not included in his dictionary.

About 2 hours later, I found his new post which was a picture showed that his computer was full of files encoded in a special way. I thought this was quite familiar to me. Once I visited a that kind of website (you know…), and downloaded a software which seemed more ‘convenient’ . Unfortunately, it was turned to be a Trojan. I have to say , the new Trojan my friend met was much more unscrupulous compared with the old one. The old one just delete some files randomly. The new one encrypted most files with a complex code and wrote the hard disk several times, which means you barely had no method to decrypt or retrieve the original backups.  And soon he found a new picture which was put here obviously by the attacker while we were both wondering the reason. The picture’s content included a weblink. After we opened the browser and  typed the link into the navigating bar, everything became clear to us. The attacker stated that my friend must use bitcoin to transfer 500$ into a specific account in 24 hours. If they hadn’t receive the money in 24 hours, the price will be increased by double which is 1000$.

Come on! You naive hackers! We friends sometimes will argue with each other for just one or two Yuan, how could we pay you? We are poor students. Even my computer isn’t worth more than 200$ if sold in second hands.

We just made a decision: save the rest important files, and format the disk then reinstall the whole Operating System.

But before we do this, we should just make a investigation to see how he let the attacker in. We analyzed his habit and found that he was deceived by a malicious software just like me.

That’s the bad news today.

Now let me talk about the good news.

I got a girlfriend(maybe) today. You may not believe it if I tell you she in fact know little about me. We are from the same high school, but I didn’t notice her that time. We are like the parallel lines , having no cross at all in both other’s life in the past years. I got her QQ(an app similar to Line) number and added her into my friend-list. But we seldom talked except one or two “Hello” (it’ me…forgive me. I just listened to Adele…). I usually post some funny little stories in my blog to expel the bore of life. She told me she was so interested in my stories and thought I should be witty and humorous too. And from October last year, we started to have more and more conversations using messages(yes, we didn’t talk face to face). I feel really relaxed when I talk to her because we are not in the same city and we share some “special tastes”.Besides, the message way also provide me enough time to correct my words before I send them out and reduce my anxiety. I’m more nervous than you think when I converse with girls.  She seems not boring at all, either.

Yesterday night, we had a long chat about a lot of themes. At the end of the talking, she asked me if I was interested to have a try to be together. To be honest, I knew she just finished a relationship( I also followed her so I saw her post about that ending, although she deleted it soon.) so I’m just not sure if the new relationship could last a long time. I had a bad experience with my ex-girlfriend because of my terrible personalities. Maybe it’s time to make progress. So as you already knew, I responsed her with a “Yes”.

 Oh, what should I do. I’m really a raw hand.


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