My sister smoked some cigarettes in the past month.

I opened Wechat to have chats with my little sister which is our daily routine. But just now she told me that she smoked.

I can’t accept smoking. I don’t know why I have a fundamental antipathy to smoking. In fact, a lot of my friends and classmates started to smoke after graduation, even we were in the same public place. I was taught that no one could have the privilege to smoke in public site when I was young. Besides, I don’t think smoking do any good to our health– it’s common sense after all. I feel really upset because my family never smoked except her. Dad and Mom don’t know this.

She told me that she was very nervous since the final exam week began. Maybe she need some cigarettes to release tension. People nowadays have different choices to relax, but in there choices smoking is one of the thing that I can’t accept just like a bottom line to me. I thought she has the same thoughts (now I understand actually it’s not).

After she told me that, I decided and send her message :”I AM ANGRY. But I can’t express my feelings in front of you since you are in school now, so I choose to stop our conversation now for minutes.” I am not sure if this is the right way. But you know, words always bring to other people the wrong information. Maybe stop talking is the correct method. If I continue to say something, the situation may be much worse(I will say horrible words when I’m pissed off).

em…..Maybe I just exaggerate the bad effects of smoking. I can’t compel my sister to have the same principles. I’m confused. Of course I don’t wanna any of my relatives or friends be addicted to cigarettes, but everyone has their own choices. Come on, I am nobody.


I need time to think about this. Maybe I was wrong. She is an adult now.She has her own life.