Someone broke my car

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Not happy. I’m terribly not happy  today.

As you know, I have a car. But this afternoon I found my car was broken by someone. It’s a new car whose age is only 1. Who will do that? Besides, my mom put a lot of money in the car ( T.T  money disappeared with no doubt ). Of course, the money is the only reason the bandit did this criminal.

My car is parked near a wall.Another side is a street. It’s more a path than a street because not many cars and people will go through this block . It seemed that the thief choose the midnight time and broken the glass of the co-pilot near the wall, so that nobody could found it if they just walked by.

I called the police immediately when we found this. But I don’t think they can help much. No CCTV, raining day, found 12 hours later. The policemen took some evidences (seems not good — can’t find clear finger print because the bad weather) and gone. I have heard the similar theft cases there days. And unfortunately, my case became the first case in my city in 2016 the New Year. Not happy again.

I also called the PICC(my Insurance Company) but then I realized that I have buy the Truck luggage insurance so they won’t process the case and also they won’t handle my glass because it’s not included in the contract. WHAT? I’m sure I have bought the vehicle damage insurance, now they say glass is not included? KIDDING ME? ANOTHER INSURANCE? GLASS INSURANCE? FXXK U!

Let’s get back. Both the community police and criminal police came here. As I said before, this block is lack of surveillance cameras and no other clear clues were found, so in fact the investigation didn’t spent much time. About 1 hour later(including the time I waited for the police), they got back leaving me and my car in the rain. I have to admit that I was very sad.

The glass is demolished totally. I need to change a new one because it’s a little late. I can’t park my car with an open door (yes, you can just put your arm in and open the door even I have locked it with my key).Then I contact a garage who is specialized in Car glass. The new glass cost me 350 yuan.

Now there is another problem: where should I park my poor car. I can’t accept the same place where bad things had happened. And there is no convenient parking lot close to my house. OMG. It’s really a big porblem to me! Now I just park it in the yard but still felt nervous.



Atteintion pls: New drivers like me, never put your money or anything precious in the car. Bad gay is everywhere. In China, you can’t expect the police would do much help (That’s my own opinion, you keep yours.

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