Spring outing

Last Saturday, me and one friend went biking to ShaXi Dam, a beautiful place with a lot of farmland around.

Since it’s already March, the native Canola flowers are blooming. It’s hands down the most inspiring thing to go to the rural area.

the panoramic photo of Canola farmland.

I still remember when I was young, my primary school would always hold a big Spring outing for whole students in the school. We prepared our food and drinks in advance. We were so eager to participate in this ‘feast’ because we were encouraged to share the snacks. At that time, children didn’t get so many allowance as today’s kids. Exchange food means you get chances to relish other kinds of snacks without additional expenditure. Of course kids also love the leisure time out of class. In most cases, teachers would align us in a row, and lead us to the destination — some park in natural areas. I had no awareness of the distance at that time and just calculated now. It’s nearly more than 5 kilometers! For 7~8 years-old children, this kind of distance is amazing. But it seemed that none of us had failed to finished this journey. (Maybe the temptation of snacks is large enough)

After we reached the place, we were separated into many small groups. Each group had no more than 10 kids. Teacher always asked us to sit in a circle and then played games. Candidly speaking, I was not really good at sports and gym games. And there was a student who always bullied me by grabbing my food and preventing me from playing with other classmates. Fortunately, the bully things didn’t make things worse because my teacher had noticed this and soon she stopped that kid.

Let’s come back to the Saturday. We took outdated bicycles, whose age may be more than 5 years. Everything seemed perfect until we took a boat to the other side of JiaLing River. The road are paved with little pebbles! Mine is road bike, and his is portable bike. We felt so horrible riding in this road because of the terrible shocks conveyed form the ground. We had to complete half of the trip on foot, and this was not in our plan.

Except that, the scene was so beautiful that we could ignore the agony on the road. We took pictures although it’s a little bit cloudy that day.

me in the field
friend in the field














Canola flower has a special scent, it’s not odorless but not that fragrant.

After that, we also went to the Dam.

Let’s make a simple ending.